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Why did my window crack?

You notice a long crack running across it! It doesn’t look like anything, or anyone, hit it. So what happened?

Stress cracks in windows are similar to what might happen if you poured cold water into a hot baking dish that you just took out of the oven. As the cold liquid touches the hot dish, there’s an uneven increase in the thermal expansion of the walls of the baking dish. If the expansion is enough and the dish is thin the baking dish can break.

Stress cracks more often occur in large windows that are beneath overhangs or are recessed behind a protruding outward room. The shadow lines created by the overhang or wall sets up a quickly changing stress factor from the glass that is in the sunny, hot area that contrasts with the glass in the cool, shaded area.

In existing homes, installing thicker, stronger replacement panes of glass — 4mm glass instead of the standard 3mm glass — can help prevent stress cracks.

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