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Storm Window Replacement and Repair

With winter and its cold weather on its way it is a good idea to get your storm windows repaired or replaced.  At Home glass, we can repair that storm window glass without the need to buy and install a whole new window!

147_cracked_mirrorRepairs are done by our skilled staff, Screen and Storm Window Repair, Patio Door Glass and more! If that large picture window in your living room is cracked or foggy, don’t wait. Call us! Large or small we do them all. Broken Window Repairs are a low cost alternative to an entire window replacement because we replace the glass, not the entire window.  Custom glass of all sizes can be repaired and replaced at Home Glass!

screen repair, window repair, window glass repair, Milwaukee, WaukeshaSTORM WINDOW AND SCREEN REPAIR

Broken windows? Picture framing? Single strength glass is always available to finish a project or fix an emergency break you need fixed now.
We also repair your wood, aluminum, or vinyl sashes or screens in our shop to keep your home in good repair and well-insulated.