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Storm Window Glass Repair

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In the winter, storm windows are an excellent way to keep the cold from getting into your home during the winter months.

Storm windows have a thicker glass that will help keep moisture, noise, wind, rain and the cold from coming through.  Having a storm window can help buffer extreme temperatures by blocking the amount of outside air that reaches the inside of your home.  A properly installed storm window can almost eliminate air infiltration by creating that secondary barrier outside the primary window.  Of course, this only works as long as your storm window isn’t cracked or chipped.

The nice thing about this is that you don’t need to purchase a new window, or storm window to fix this.  Storm window Repair is an easy fix and most storm windows are removable with ease.  Simply remove the storm window and bring it to us!    Repairs are done by our skilled staff,  Large or small we do them all. Broken Storm Window Repairs are a low cost alternative to an entire window replacement because we replace the glass, not the entire window. Custom Storm window glass of all sizes can be repaired and replaced right here at Home Glass!