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Replacing Broken Window Glass Milwaukee

 Not Recommended but you can give it a shot.  Here is how you can replace window glass.  Remember you can always call Home Glass Company Inc at 414-434-0180 and save the trouble.

  • Clean out the old glass, putty and old metal points. Get it really clean. Use a metal tape measure and measure the now-clean space. Write down your width and height in inches. Deduct, in a wood window, 1/8″ from the width and 1/8″ from the height. Normally the dimensions will come out on the even inch.
  • Call Home Glass and we’ll cut the glass to the size you give us or just come on in. Normally, we can cut several lites of glass while you wait. We prefer you call so it is ready when you arrive.
  • Pick up the glass, can of putty (we’ll know appropriate can size), putty knife if you need one, and some push points. Push points are little diamond shaped pieces of metal you shove into the wood to hold the glass in place while the putty dries. We’ll show you how to do it.
  • Put lite of glass in opening; insert push points, and after warming putty in your hand, give it a try. If you have gotten this far, the putty part is fairly simple. “Wipe” (compress & force) the putty into the recess and strike off the extra while keeping your putty knife at a low angle. Just keep doing it until it looks OK.
  • You can eliminate all the above steps by calling Home Glass Company Inc.
  • Our glaziers can cut and install glass fast.

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