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Milwaukee glass repair and services are ready for you and your Spring Cleanup.

Window Repair
Repairs are done by our skilled staff, Screen and Storm Window Repair, Patio Door Glass and more! If that large picture window in your living room is cracked or foggy, don’t wait. Call us! Large or small we do them all. Custom glass of all sizes can be repaired and replaced at Home Glass!
Insulated Glass
Foggy insulated windows can be a problem this time of year. Home Glass Company Inc can

replace the insulated glass unit without having to replace the entire window. This can be done even in the winter months with little air exposure time. Replacement Insulated glass for picture windows, casements, double hung windows and patio doors in clear, Lo-E and saftey glass as needed.

Home Glass Co Inc of Milwaukee provides glass products and services for residential and commercial uses serving, Milwaukee, Waukesha and all of southeastern Wisconsin. Windows, Storefronts, shower doors, mirrors, tabletops and more. 414-434-0180