Sliding Doors

Foggy Glass Sliding Door?

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High humidity levels and temperature differences can cause fog to build up on your sliding glass doors.

When warmer air inside your home makes contact with the colder air on the surface of the sliding door, you can see fog and ice buildup.  Keeping your drapes over your sliding door encourages condensation buildup behind them.  A light weight fabric can reduce the problems with moisture buildup.

Dehumidifiers can help take the moisture out of the air in rooms that have high humidity.  If your home has a humidity level higher than 50%, the use of a dehumidifier can be a good option.

In some cases, fog on sliding glass doors could be a result of air leaks. You should carefully inspect the area around the doors to identify cracks or damaged seals. Small cracks or openings could be enough to allow cold air to get through and interact with the warm air to form condensation.

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