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Cracked Glass Repair for windows can save on winter energy costs | Home Glass Milwaukee

Winterizing your home windows can save up to 10 percent on energy bills right away, according to the Department of Energy. Most heat escapes from a home through gaps around the windows, not through the glass itself. Failed caulk, gaps between the trim and the window, and bad window seals are the most likely causes. You can hold up a candle or incense stick near the window on a windy day, you can see the smoke move, and the more it moves the worse the draft. Don’t just go by the temperature of the glass and whether or not there is condensation. Find where the draft is coming from. Replace light curtains with thicker curtains in the fall and winter months. Curtains restrict air movement, but they do not block it completely.

Curtains can refresh the whole look of the room, though. Shutters or shades can change the look of a room as well, and they restrict the air flow better than curtains. Most warm air escapes around window and door glass trim. Replace caulk annually and paint over it to complete the seal and protect the caulk. Caulk does not completely seal the window, but it restricts more air flow. Older windows that are not opened can be fitted with weather stripping to prevent leaks. Custom-built frame insert sheets of clear plastic can be attached to window trim with clips. They cover the entire window. Just make sure the window trim is caulked too.Milwaukee. Start by replacing cracked glass panes. Full-service glass shops such as Home Glass Company Inc can replace a single pane without having the replace the entire window. Foggy Insulated GlassUnits (IGUs) have leaks, so they are not insulating like they should. Many products claim to remove moisture from IGUs, but the seal will never be the same. Home glass can repair or replace bad IGUs so that your home has the original insulation factor. If your home does not have IGUs, there may be still a federal income tax credit of 30% of product cost up to $1,500 for energy efficient replacement windows that can help you afford new windows. If you cannot afford replacement windows even with the tax credit, storm windows may be a more viable option. They can be installed on the interior or exterior of the existing windows to provide additional layers of glass. Storm windows do not reduce energy loss like IGUs, but they can prevent drafts.
Permanent window draft solutions are best for homes that experience all four seasons like we have in

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