The only safe and permanent way to fix cracked glass is to replace the glass. A crack in the glass compromises the structural integrity of the pane, and it’s much more likely to shatter if it is subjected to stress from wind or temperature changes.

Applying tape (masking or packing tape) over the crack on both sides can help keep it together and also keep water from getting in for a little while but again, this is only a temporary measure.  If you notice more then one crack, it is best to just remove the glass completely and cover the opening until the glass is replaced.

Replacing a broken pane in a newer insulated window is something to be left to a glass repair technician.  Replacing single pane glass from older windows may seem easier, but it requires a multitude of steps from removing putty and glazier’s points, to installing the glass and replacing the putty and points.  Contact us for your window glass replacements in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Glass Services

We proudly service all residential glass, commercial glass, and industrial glass projects and services in Milwaukee Wi and surrounding Counties. Broken Windows, foggy damaged insulated glass, thermo-pane windows, screen or storm window repair or replacement, plate glass to replace the glass top on your coffee table, shower door repair or replacement, all can be done by Home Glass.

Glass services and repairs are done by our skilled staff, if that large picture window in your living room is cracked or foggy, don’t wait. Call us! Large or small we do them all. Broken Window Repairs are a low cost alternative to window replacement.  Custom glass of all sizes can be repaired and replaced at Home Glass Co., LLC!

Should a window break in your home, don’t cover it with plywood or cardboard.  Call Home Glass Co Inc.

Home Glass Co Inc – Milwaukee Broken Glass Repair, Mirror Repair, Window Repair, Commerical Glass, Residential glass, Glass Repair, Glass ShopAfter you contact us, our staff will take down your information and be able to replace the window glass and have it looking as good as new.  Should your glass cabinet doors gets broken, we can repair or replace that glass for you too.  No matter the size or shape.  Plate or table glass?  No problem.