Could it be time for Residential Glass Replacement?

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Custom Glass Products and Services to Milwaukee, Waukesha and Southeastern Wisconsin.  Mirrors, Shower Doors, Window Glass, Patio Doors, Tabletops and More!

Broken Glass?

No Problem, Window Glass Repair, Residential and Commercial

We are your Milwaukee area glass shop, from a broken window in Waukesha, to a glass shower door in Milwaukee, Home Glass Co Inc is ready to serve you!

Residential glass replacement typically covered by insurance:Home Glass Co Inc – Milwaukee Broken Glass Repair, Mirror Repair, Window Repair, Commerical Glass, Residential glass, Glass Repair, Glass Shop

  • Natural forces (wind, hail, weather)
  • Vandalism
  • Damage by non-resident of the home
  • burglary

Residential glass replacement typically not covered by insurance:

  • Accidental damage by child residents (ex: stray ball through the window)
  • Intentional damage by adult residents (ex: window smashed during argument)
  • Improper installation by unlicensed vendor

The first thing you should do is document the broken glass. Even a photo or two from your phone can go a long way with your insurance claim.  Your insurance may cover these situations.

Get in touch with a trusted expert once you notice the broken glass.  Residential Glass Replacement professionals at Home Glass can help get your home back to normal.

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Save on energy costs by repairing cracked window glass

A simple way to save on energy costs can be by just fixing cracked or chipped window glass.

If your window is relatively new and not in need of replacement, save yourself money and have the glass repaired.  Here is a quick article

Cracked Glass Repair for windows can save on winter energy costs | Home Glass Milwaukee

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Low-E Glass repair

low-e glass repair milwaukee

Low-E can leave some rooms cooler in the summer as it blocks the sun from heating up the interior of your rooms.  If your window glass is cracked or damaged, it will lose the benefit low-e glass gives you.  Give us a call for an estimate on a replacement.low-e glass repair milwaukee

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Home Glass Co Inc – Milwaukee Broken Glass Repair, Mirror Repair, Window Repair, Commerical Glass, Residential glass, Glass Repair, Glass Shop

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